Order & Delivery

We appreciate the opportunity to partner with you on your project. In order to help expedite the ordering process, we recommend having the following information available when you call our Concrete Dispatch office at 208-714-0424.

  1. Date of Delivery.
  2. Time of Delivery.
  3. Who are we billing?
  4. Delivery address along with any special instructions.
  5. Name and phone number for the individual or persons overseeing the project or handling the pour.
  6. How many yards?
  7. What mix? (5sk, 5.5sk, 6sk)
  8. What are we pouring? (footings, wall, slab, inside or outside)
  9. The slump approved for the mix order.
  10. The spacing between trucks (for example: if you order 10 minute spacing we take that to mean you will pour a truck out in 10 minutes).
  11. Any admixtures desired (accelerators, fiber, etc.)
  12. Miscellaneous supplies (rebar, expansions, bolts, etc.)
  13. Order status (will call, firm, on hold)
  14. Purchase Order or Job Numbers required to ensure consistency with invoicing or other type of statements.

We recognize this may require time and effort on your part. However, it will increase our goal of meeting your expectations for accuracy, quality and service.

We recommend you order concrete 5 days in advance, but we also strive to provide same day service when needed. We also suggest you place your order and then confirm it the morning of the day of delivery. You can then change the time if you need to, it also gives you more time to adjust and finalize the quantity of concrete required.

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